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NC State Extension

Red Sweet Corn Survey-2002 Report

This is a 2002 report from a NC Specialty Crops Program Project. It is posted for historical reference purposes.

Falling Creek Market and Raleigh Farmers Market
Nick Augostini
Marketing Specialist, NCDA & CS

How would you rate the flavor of this corn?

  • Excellent
  • Average
  • Below average

How would you say this corn’s sweetness compared to other corns you have tried in the past?

  • Better than
  • The same as
  • Not as good as

Would you buy this corn if available?

  • Yes
  • No

redcorn1 redcorn2 redcorn3 redcorn4 redcorn5 redcorn6

Comments About Red Corn (FC)

  • The color is strange!
  • The cob is softer than “normal” corn.
  • It did cook in the microwave nicely.
  • It would still hold the image of Indian Corn.
  • Not as good as Silver Queen.
  • Tasted just like Silver Queen. I prefer the white color.
  • It was delicious! Did not put any butter on it, didn’t need it.
  • This corn was delicious.
  • Great corn.
  • I’m prejudice against color.
  • Could this corn be associated with lower intestinal irritation?
  • Would buy if priced comparable to other sweet corn.

Comments About Red Corn (RFM)

  • Very sweet, tender and moist.
  • Loved the color. Pleasing to the eye.
  • Would purchase today if available.
  • When and where might it be marketed?
  • There was an after taste, which we didn’t like.
  • Liked the color – very festive.
  • Color was not very appetizing.
  • My favorite is Fantasia – this is as good.
  • Stained various items (hands, plates).
  • We loved it!
  • It was fun serving this corn-enjoyed the color.
  • The color is fantastic. You’ve got a winner! I can see this on upscale restaurant menus.
  • The color would add a twist to a table setting.