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Herb/Specialty Crop Connection-to Help Connect NC Herb & Specialty Crops Growers With the Industry

wild simulated ginseng roots

The purpose of this page is to help North Carolina herb and specialty crop growers (and sustainable/ethical wild-harvesters) succeed by helping to connect them with other growers, buyers, and industries offering relevant products, services, events, etc. Because this is a regional industry, occasionally growers from other Appalachian states will also be listed. Buyers and other services providers can be from anywhere. We offer this service is for herbs, mushrooms, unusual fruits and vegetables, hops, kudzu, useful tree and flower species, cultivated and sustainably/ethically wild-harvested plants/fungi, and emerging crops because there aren’t established marketing outlets for most of them. For hemp, please visit Hemp Connections. Please read the additional information and disclaimer at the bottom of this page. In short, we do not vet any of these ads, so do your homework before doing business with anyone listed here.

For your ad to be added to the Herb/Specialty Crop Connection page, it must:
● Be 200 characters (not words) or less (does not include spaces). ●
Include a phone number, email, and/or website link. ● Be a product, service, event, etc. that is needed or useful for NC herb/specialty crop growers in the buying, selling, growing, harvesting, etc. of their products. ● You can post multiple ads. ● To have your free ad listed, email and put “Herb/Specialty Crop Connection Ad” in the subject line. ● Ads will automatically be deleted after one year. ● To  have your ad deleted earlier, email, put “Herb/Specialty Crop Connection Ad” in the subject line and include a copy of the ad as it is printed with the date it was posted.

Herb/Specialty Crop Connection Ads

5/23/2021 – We are growing tobacco off contract in our vegetable plot this year to sell for whatever purpose you want it for. It is regular flue cured tobacco. 252-814-8140 or I can keep it green or dry/cure it however you need it.

5/20/2021 – Seeking 1 lb organic/wild-harvested, dried peppermint, spearmint, alfalfa, chamomile, black tea, elderberry, hibiscus, ginger root, rosehips, raspberry leaf, licorice root, lemon balm for my tea company.

5/19/2021 – Wanted: Fresh Hawthorn berries (Crataegus spp.) from a pristine source in or near WNC. We will pay to wildcraft from private land or purchase from a grower or wild crafter. Up to 50 lbs. … price depends on quantity.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Wildcrafted, certified organic or cultivated w/o chemicals. Fresh or Dry Lion’s Mane- Dry. Usnea. Raspberry leaf- Dried. Skullcap- fresh. Serrano Pepper- fresh.

1/20/21 – Wanted: Wildcrafted, certified organic or cultivated w/o chemicals. Passionflower- Dry- Leaf, flower, vine, Echinacea Angustifolia- Cultiv, Fresh Arnica chamissonis or A. cordifolia.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Wildcrafted, certified organic or cultivated w/o chemicals. St. John’s wort- Fresh- Top 1/3 (5 inches or so) budding right before flowering with some flowering Hypericum perforatum or punctatum.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Wildcrafted, cert organic or cultivated w/o chemicals. Sustainable harvest from healthy patches/areas. Gentiana austromontana, G. clausa, G. saponaria, G. andrewsii, G. linearis (Aerial parts)

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Certified organic or cultivated without chemicals harvested sustainable from healthy patches/areas. Rosehips(fresh or dry). Linden flower –Dry

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Certified organic or cultivated without chemicals harvested sustainable from healthy patches/areas. Oatstraw – dehydrated – picked in milky tops phase- cut n sift style.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Certified organic or cultivated without chemicals harvested sustainable from healthy patches/areas. Red Clover Blossom (top three leaves) – dehydrated to nice purple color.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Dried goldenseal root and leaf – wild-simulated FOREST CULTIVATED only NO SPRAY Dried elderberries – wildcrafted or locally cultivated

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Dried Ginseng Leaf – taken AFTER berries have formed turning to yellow ok – Wild or forest wild-simulated.

1/20/2021 – Wanted: Wildcrafted or Cultivated. Cert organic or cultivated w/o chemicals harvested sustainable from healthy patches/areas. Astragalus root (3 year) FRESH. Vitex berry FRESH – greenish and off stems.

1/3/2021 – Maple Spring Gardens offers fresh and dried sustainably grown medicinal herbs. PreOrder until Feb 15, 2021 for potential discounts and to reserve your herbs for this season.

9/14/2020 – In search of dried Goldenseal, Yarrow, Calendula, Gotu Kola, Comfrey, Lobelia, Witch Hazel Bark, leaf or flower. This year’s crop preferably. Email if you want to sell any.

7/1/2020 – For sale, Fresh Blue Vervain, Verbena hastata. Grown under the Certified Naturally Grown label. $13 a pound plus shipping. Several pounds available. Raindrop Ridge Farm,

More Information About Herb Connection

Herb growers, please practice the Suggested Good Agricultural Practices for Medicinal Herbs and be aware that the new Food Safety and Modernization Act applies to many of these products. The extension publication Suggested Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for North Carolina Medicinal Herbs covers this topic. Please be up to date and follow all relevant food safety and handling rules and guidelines as provided on your county, state, and federal level.

Disclaimer: We offer this Herb/Specialty Crop Connection page as a free service to help this industry grow. We know and interact with many of the growers, buyers, and supporting industries listed here, but we do not certify, inspect, or vet the products listed for sale or the businesses. We cannot vouch for the identify, cleanliness or safety of the products offered or the practices of the businesses. Please do your own due diligence in “checking them out”. N.C. State Extension does not endorse or recommend any product, service, individual, business, or other entity listed here. All listings are posted at the discretion of N.C. State Extension. All Herb/Specialty Crop Connection requests and ads may be denied or removed at any time for any reason.