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Organic Farm Networking

Farming is one of those trades that is best learned by doing. Fortunately there are lots of opportunities locally and worldwide to learn the art of organic growing. Apprenticeships and internships allow a potential farmer to work side-by-side with an experienced grower to gain practical, hands-on knowledge. The situations vary greatly, but usually consist of a season-long agreement that the apprentice or intern (interns may receive educational credit) provide 20-40 hours of farm work each week in exchange for a place to sleep and some food from the farm. Stipends are offered by some farms but most are work/trade agreements. After one has learned to farm organically, it may be necessary to secure funding and/or transition assistance.

In order to keep connected, there are plenty of organizations that support organic farmers and lots of opportunities to network with other farmers via listservs and organic farming events.

Organic Farming Non-profit Organizations

Organic Farming Instruction

Organic Farm Events

Internships, Apprenticeships, and Jobs

Land Acquisition