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Medicinal Herbs and Non-Timber Forest Products

WNC Forestry Success Stories9/23/2020 – The WNC Forest Products Project took place in 2009-2011 and has been completed. This page exists as a historical archive of the project and a resource for information on non-timber forest products and forest herbs. It was a great project and can serve as an example for future projects.

Read the wnc-forestry-success-stories-change-for-the-better-1 eBook from the WNC Forest Products Marketing Project.

A current project that we are involved in might be of interest to you is the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition. Here is a link to the website for that project: ABFFC.


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Rules and Regulations

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Additional Resources

Herbs for Health

This is beyond the scope of our work and outside our expertise; however, we are getting so many inquiries that we are providing this information as a service to our website visitors.