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Marketing Specialty Crops

Marketing specialty crops is challenging North Carolina farmers. Tobacco growers throughout the state are looking for new cash crops as federal buyouts become a reality. Fortunately, as consumer demand increases for these diverse products, so will sales opportunities for farmers growing specialty products. Niche marketing to ethnic populations, gourmet restaurants & retailers, and developing value-added products are a few ways to build a local, as well as national and international, demand for specialty crops.

Consumer Marketing Surveys by NC Specialty Crops Program

Honey Dew Surveys (2004 | 2005, Raleigh Farmers Market | 2005, Specialty Crops Field Day | 2005, Highcroft Subdivision)
Grape Tomato Survey (2004)
Specialty Crops Survey for Western North Carolina (2002)
Mushroom Survey (2002)
Red Sweet Corn Survey (2002)

Marketing Information on the Web
Departments of Agriculture & Extension Resources

Other Marketing Tools on the Web

There are lots of searchable directories of farms and agricultural commodities on the web. All farmers will benefit by including their enterprises on such websites.