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NC State Extension

FAQ: Farm Preservation and Transition


I have a farm with about 100 acres of crop land and approximately 400 acres of forest land. I am not a farmer. My interest is in having someone who is interested in developing and operating a farm like this. How do I find such a person and more information on how to do this.

A: Although it has often been discussed, to the best of my knowledge there is not a central location for connecting landowners with people who would like to farm but don’t have land. There are, however, several networks that we use in North Carolina to help facilitate such activities.

First make some phone calls to the following agencies and organizations to ask if they know of anyone looking to farm:

  • Your county extension office. Ask to speak to the agent working with field crops or horticultural crops
  • Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and as if they know of anyone looking to farm
  • Your local Farm Service Agency office
  • Farm Incubators (where people learn to farm, then must find land to do it on). Some are:

Second, there are several online listservs and classified that do a great job of connecting people. Here are some I use frequently:

Third, I would be happy to put a notice out on my Twitter, Blog, and Facebook.

Fourth, here are links to information that you might find useful about organic farming, farm preservation, and new agriculture enterprise selection: