Mushrooms, Herbs, Plants and More Available on Herb Connection

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herb grower with her herb products

Lorri Bura of Green Heart Gardens with some her value-added herb products grown on her certified organic farm in western NC.

6/10/2019 – In the search for new crops that will potentially bring higher returns than many commodity crops, North Carolina farmers are producing a wide array of unusual plants and fungi. Examples include medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, aromatic herbs, herb plants, culinary mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, mushroom spawn, hops, hop plants, hemp, rice, saffron, edible flowers, oriental vegetables, heirloom vegetables and grains, and the list goes on. But selling niche crops can be difficult because they aren’t promoted or sold through many of the normal channels available for crops such as apples, strawberries, soybeans, and sweetpotatoes. I work closely with these niche crop growers to help them grow, package, and market what they produce, but it wasn’t enough. So a number of years ago we launched Herb Connection to help match herb buyers and growers. It was mildly successful. Then last March we revamped the listings to be more classified ad style and expanded the crops and products beyond herbs. That is doing much better! So, if you have something new and unusual that you have grown that you want to sell, or are in the market to buy some of these products, fresh, dried, or value-added, retail or wholesale from NC growers, check out our new Herb Connection! And we have a separate page just for hemp at Hemp Connections.