Bloodroot and Red Trillium Collection Study

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4/30/2021 – A student at Virginia Tech is doing a study on bloodroot and red trillium and has a survey about collection of these plants. She asked if I would help get word out about her survey and I said “sure”. So here is her introduction to the project with a link to the survey. If you wild-harvest either of these plants, please consider completing her survey:

“Hello, my name is Caroline Bradford and I am undergraduate researcher in Virginia Tech’s Massey Herbarium. I am working with the herbarium curator, Jordan Metzgar, to study the cultural and medicinal value of Bloodroot and Red Trillium found in the southern Appalachian region. I have created a survey in order to analyze the current and past collection of both species in order to further analyze trends within the region. There is an additional document attached below providing further information on the survey. This includes contact information for both Jordan and I, if any questions or concerns are present. There are no direct benefits (i.e., monetary) to participants or to us and your responses will be completely confidential. I hope many of you can find time to answer my questions and I appreciate efforts in advance. Thank you!” 2021Bloodroot-Trillium Survey VT (which has an internal link to the online survey).