Broadwing Farm & Naturalbath Cabins

— Written By and last updated by Cloe Nichols
Poplar Cabin at Broadwing Farms
Photo of Poplar Cabin from Broadwing Farm Naturalbath Cabins website
I have known Pete and Mary Dixon of Broadwing Farm in Hot Springs, NC for probably twenty years. Theirs was one of the first organic farms that I visited when I moved to North Carolina. Pete and his family have been growing organic vegetables and herbs for a very long time. A fixture at the tailgate market in Asheville, they were one of the first organic farms to seriously get into making value-added products. They have branched out into blackberries and some flowering nursery plants. They also run a successful agritourism business by renting out three cabins with hot tubs filled with the natural hot springs water famous in their community. They produce their crops using what most of us would consider organic production methods, but they are not certified organic. It is a beautiful place to spend a leisurely weekend anytime of the year.