Non-Timber Forest Products Fall Webinar Series Starts This Week!

— Written By and last updated by Cloe Nichols
non-timber forest farm

A group of federal, state, and non-profit partners have teamed together to offer a webinar series on forest farming. I will be kicking off the series on Thursday, August 21 from 2:00 to 3:00 with an overview of what you can cultivate and wild-harvest in the woods for profit or your own use. This first hour long interactive presentation is just to whet your appetite for the more in-depth presentations to follow in the coming weeks.

The webinar series is being hosted by the American Tree Farm System. That is where the webinars will be posted if you want to watch them later, too. You can access that site and register at Webinar Series for Forest Owners.

My presentation is called “From Ginseng to Mushrooms: Goodies from Your Woods.
Here is a flyer with the rest of the presentations. Open it up and enlarge it to read the details.

non-timber forest products 2014 fall webinar flyer